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We sell automatic thermal camera.

8 Apr 2020
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Dr. Seba unmanned thermal detector, which detects heat by unmanned and tells you if it is normal.

Dr. Seba unmanned thermal detector has a facial recognition temperature measurement function.

When a person's face comes into the screen, it takes 0.2 seconds to see if the body temperature is above 36.5 degrees.

Determine whether it is normal or abnormal by voice.

It also recognizes whether you're wearing a mask or not.

It has access control.

With a total of 25,000 faces registered,

It also determines whether a recognized face is a visitor or an insider.

If it's within 2.5 meters, it recognizes the face and body temperature.

The temperature range error is 0.3 degrees accurate.

For classroom classes for high school seniors and middle school seniors, which will start around mid-May.

Students need to check their fever when they go to

Check the heat of students and faculty members when going to school,

This product is suitable for church members' heat check during worship.

capable of measuring facial recognition temperature

Dr. Seba Unmanned Heat Detector Plus Quarantine System

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