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Washing hands and wearing a mask is not enough to prevent Covid19. Dr. Seba 1688-2887

Washing hands and wearing a mask is not enough to prevent Covid19. Dr. Seba 16

Covid19 virus eradication!

Hand washing and mask alone are not enough. 

Why is that?

That's because the virus that's left in the garment survives for three to four hours.

It is safe to catch the remaining virus in the garment.

What do you want me to

The answer is the virus-fighting entrance system left in the garment.

What is the entrance quarantine system?

The entrance quarantine system recognizes people at the entrance!

It is a device that automatically sprays disinfectant throughout the body.

Where the entrance and exit quarantine system is required

Large bookstore, entrance, store entrance, shopping mall entrance, cafe entrance, subway gate, post office entrance,

Fitness center, hospital entrance, office entrance, terminal waiting room, school entrance, church entrance, etc.

It can be used for other large indoor spaces.

Typical products of the entrance quarantine system,

Dr. Seba UV Natural Disinfection System

Features1. Apply a human body sensor to spray disinfectant only when approaching.

Feature2. Using a sterilizing agent that has proven safe drinking water standards is harmless to the human body.

Features3. 99.9% bacterial sterilization effect Perfect prevention of secondary disinfection with UV.

Size Width, Height, Depth 600*1800*500

How to use

- Single type: A system that ensures spray is released in only one direction.
1. Access to the front of the UV natural sterilization prevention system automatically from the nozzle
The pasteurizer of the low temperature team is sprayed.
2. Stay in front of the UV natural sterilization prevention system for 3 to 5 seconds and rotate 360 degrees horizontally.
Let the pasteurizer spray all over your body and then move.

- Twin type: system that allows spray to come out only in both directions
1. If you approach the center of the UV Ceiling Prevention System on both left and right sides, you'll see the left and right sides.
A low-temperature steam sterilizer automatically at the nozzle of both body sterilization systems.
It's sprayed.
2. Standing in the middle of both body sterilization systems for 3 to 5 seconds, a low-temperature steam sterilizer
Spray it all over your body, then move it.

Safe Sterilizer UV Natural Sterilization Prevention System
- Safety of 'safety sterilizer' proved by KTR Korea Chemical Testing Researcher!
The safety of drinking water level has been confirmed, so anyone can use it with confidence.
- 99.9% of E. coli and yellow staphylococcus die within 24 hours
- As a result of the test confirmation, KATR Korea Institute of Analysis and Testing's sterilization effect! - Certificate!

1.a skin allergy-free and sterile sterilization
2.No bleaching will occur even if sprayed on sterilized clothes
3. Deodorizing effect with non-toxic disinfectant
4. 99.9% sterilizing effect proved by experiment
5. 99.9% of natural water components produced by electrolysis method

By April 15, 2020 to prevent small group infections
Limited Free/Referred/Snow/Children Project in 20 Capital Region

Subject to donation: administrative center, terminal, train station, gym, office building, school, church, nursing home, hospital, broadcasting station, airport, convention center
Please contact a lot of large indoor managers with a large floating population.

safe sterilizing agent
Clothing / Mask / Glasses / 99.9% sterilization if sprayed on household items such as smartphones!
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